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Drawing machine 13.net (2003)

Drawing machine 13.net is a multi-user drawing machine, implemented in Java using Processing. Conceptually a continuation of my work on Drawing machine 1-12, but in this case the drawing is "live" and in real time. Users accessing

The drawing machine runs on a server that users can connect to via a Java applet, thereby influencing its drawing process. Users can also see each other as little cross shapes moving across the canvas. NonTVTVstation broadcasts the drawing to a number of locations in Scandinavia, where it is shown in a large format using projections or screens.

Created during my stay as artist-in-residence at Splintermind studio, Stockholm, sponsored by the NIFCA New Media AiR programme. Broadcasting on nonTVTVstation from 19 December 2003 to 18 January 2004. The drawing machine is currently offline, but will be relaunched in an updated version Autumn 2004 as part of the new project Drawing machine 13.15.net.

-> Curator text by Björn Norberg, nonTVTVstation

Created using Processing.


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