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Unlekker is an archive of projects by Marius Watz dating up to ~2008. It has been superseded by mariuswatz.com as of December 2011.


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Dec 25.2011: Unlekker.net has been superseded by mariuswatz.com as my official portfolio site. Unlekker.net will remain online, unchanged, as an archive of past activities.

Other important information sources are my Flickr and twitter.com/mariuswatz feeds. An even older archive of projects (1996-2003) can be found at www.evolutionzone.com.

MARIUS WATZ is an artist working with computer code to explore virtual spaces defined by rule-based systems. He currently shares his time between Brooklyn, New York and Oslo, Norway.

Watz is represented by [DAM]Berlin and LUMAS Editions. Full biography here: mariuswatz.com

Grid distortions. Laser cuts.


Jun 27-29: Eyeo Festival, Minneapolis

May 7: Signal to Noise 2 at Museum of the Moving Image, New York

Mar 20-26: Visiting artist, Small Craft Advisory Press, Florida State University

Mar 11-May: Extrusion, solo show at ROM for kunst og arkitektur, Oslo

Mar 10-13: [DAM]Berlin at Art Karlsruhe art fair

Feb 11-Apr 10: Decode at Garage Cultural Center, Moscow

Feb 11: Random Number Multiples launch, Brooklyn

Jan 21: Oslo LUX, Oslo School of Architecture and Design

Jan 13: Leaders in Software and Art, salon presentation, New York


Dec 1-Jan 9: WARP at Gallery Project, Ann Arbor

Nov 15-20: NODE10 - Forum for Digital Arts, Frankfurter Kunstverein (curator, NODE10 exhibition)

Oct 14-Oct 27: New Vision Arts Festival, Hong Kong

Sep 30-Oct 02: Pixel Attack, Octubre CCC, Valencia

Sep 10-Oct 10: Paraflows, Künstlerhaus k/haus, Vienna

Sep 3-Oct 30: Think Line, [DAM]Cologne

Jul 15-29: un(process)ed event at 4food, New York

Jun 22: Premiere of "Prime", new public commission for the Bybanen metro system in Bergen, Norway

Jun 13-19: Workshop and exhibition at Shakerag, St. Andrew's-Sewanee School, Tennessee

Jun 2-Jul 11: "From kinetic to digital art", exhibition at Fondation Vasarely in Aix-en-Provence, part of Seconde Nature.

Apr 23-May 23: Artomaton exhibition at Mediaruimte, Brussels, part of Art Brussels 2010

Apr 23-24: Videos screened at Processing Paris, Fonderie de l'Image

Mar 2: Lecture at Shapeshifters, Brussels

Feb 18: "Expanding the Field" at ARCO Madrid


Dec 8-Apr 11: Decode: Digital Design Sensations, Victoria & Albert Museum

Oct 30-Nov 1: Grafill Edit 2009, Geilo

Oct 24: Rishaug vs Watz, Insomnia Festival, Tromsø

Oct 23: System:system, St. Cecilia's Convent, Willamsburg, NY. Produced by Random Number

Oct 8: Bright Nights, projection on Manhattan Bridge, DUMBO, produced by Random Number

Oct 3: Rishaug vs Watz, Verkstedhallen, Trondheim

Oct 2: Rishaug vs Watz, The Villa, Oslo

Sep 26: Rishaug vs Watz, EKKO Festival, Bergen

Aug 28: Helical, new permanent installation at Union Bryggeri, Skien, Norway

Jun 9-30:  ElectroPlastique #1 showing at Sonica, Galerija Jakopič, Ljubjlana, Slovenia.

Jun 3: Packing print series shown at Powered by Nature exhibition at DogA (Norwegian Center for Design and Architecture)

Apr 11: Monkey Town, projections for concert with Håkon Kornstad.

Apr 2-13: KIOSK. Artefacts of a Post-Digital Age, STRP Festival, Eindhoven

Mar 7: "Darkness Extends: Norwegian Music Now". Concert with Alexander Rishaug at Monkeytown.

Mar 5-9: "Darkness Descends: Norwegian Art Now". Group show in New York organized by Random Number and M*A*S*H NY.

Feb 7 - Apr 19: "CODE and FORM". Show with CEB Reas at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.

Feb 3-7: "Code, Form, Space". Symposium at Carnegie-Mellon University


Nov 21 - Jan 17: "Mappings". Solo show, [DAM]Berlin.

Oct 20-26: Concerts in Japan with Alexander Rishaug, ALOG and Jana Winderen.

Sep 26-27: MAXALOT at Todaysart 2008, The Hague.

Sep 14: Rishaug / Watz at Høvikodden Live 2008, Oslo.

Sep 12-14: Minitek festival, New York.

Jul 2-6: "Frozen" exhibition, 5 Days Off festival, Amsterdam.

Jun 27: Rishaug / Watz concert, Lofoten International Art Festival.

May 11 - Jun 14: Packing at Naturschauspiele exhibition, Norwegian Embassy, Berlin.

Apr 24 - May 08: San Francisco International Film Festival. ElectroPlastique #1 shown as part of a screening programme on generative art.

Apr 17 - May 11: Abstracts of Syn at Festival Digital Media 1.0, València, Italy. Kugelstudie.

Mar 24 - Apr 23: ElectroPlastiques, solo exhibition at Emily Davis Gallery, Akron, Ohio.

Feb 18-29: Workshop, HyperWerk Institute of Postindustrial Design, Basel.

Feb 11-14: Digital Architecture workshop, Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

Feb 9: Rishaug / Watz, concert at Kabinett, Oslo.

Feb 8: Rishaug / Watz, concert at VJ picks DJ, Bergen.

Feb 2 - Mar 8: Generator.x 2.0 exhibition, [DAM]Berlin, Berlin.

Feb 1: Generator.x 2.0: Audio-visual, concert with Alexander Rishaug, Berlin.

Jan 24 - Feb 2: Generator.x 2.0 workshop, Club Transmediale.08, Berlin.


Nov 23: Lecture, The Cinematic Experience conference at Cimatics festival, Brussels.

Nov 19-20: AV Masterclass at Cimatics festival, Brussels.

Nov 3 - Dec 8: Travelling without Moving at OBORO, Montreal

Nov 13: Rishaug vs. Watz performance, part of Tomorrow now at Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice.

Nov 5-9: Workshop at Merz Akademie, Stuttgart.

Oct 29 - Nov 3: Lecture and workshop at Olhares de Outono, Porto.

Nov 12: Lecture and workshop at Olhares de Outono, Porto.

Oct 12: Kugelstudie shown as part of Time Square, Copenhagen.

Oct 6: Phonophani vs. Watz, Generator.x concert at Dresden Days of Contemporary Music.

Sep 21-24: Object #1 at TAG / Todaysart, The Hague

Sep 7: Packing at Scriptedbypurpose, FUEL Collection, Philadelphia

Aug 24-25: Processing workshop, SIAA, Sheffield

Aug 3-5: WikiMania, Taipei

May 31: Lecture, Reboot 2007, Copenhagen

May 19: Rishaug vs. Watz, Lovebytes, Sheffield

May 12-20: Illuminations B and Object #1 at Designmai, Berlin

May 10-11: MC, Visuelt 2007 conference, Oslo

Apr 31-May 4: Workshop, Hyperwerk, Basel

Apr 16-20: Workshop, Merz Akademie, Stuttgart

Mar 31: Keynote, PixelACHE 2007, Helsinki

Mar 19-23: Workshop, KHiO Oslo

Mar 9-Apr 9: Abstracts of Syn, MuseumsQuartier, Wien. Kugelstudie.

Mar 1-May 10: Abstracts of Syn, Kunstverein Medienturm, Graz. Kugelstudie.

Feb 28: Pecha Kucha, Oslo

Jan 23-Feb 03: Liquid Space workshop, Club Transmediale

Jan 23-Feb 03: Liquid Space workshop, Club Transmediale

Jan 30-31: Illuminations B, Club Transmediale


Dec 11-14: Processing workshop, Hyperwerk, Basel.

Dec 9: Phonophani vs. Watz, Generator.x at Madeira DIG.

Nov 10-19: New installation at Interface & Society exhibition, Henie-Onstad Art Center, Oslo.

Nov 10: Lecture at Interface & Society conference, Henie-Onstad Art Center, Oslo.

Oct 3-6: Live visuals workshop at the Academy of Art, Oslo.

Oct 2: Lecture at Åpent Forum at the Academy of Art, Oslo.

Sep 30: ElectroPlastique #2 at Nuit Blanche at the Drake Hotel, Toronto.

Sep 23-Nov: Further Processing, Kunstverein Medienturm, Graz, Austria. Co-curator, Kugelstudie.

Sep 3: MuseumsQuartier, Wien, Austria. Premiere of Kugelstudie, in cooperation with Kunstverein Medienturm.

Sep 1-7: Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria. ElectroPlastique #1 as part of the Ars Electronica Animation Festival.

Aug 26: Punkt festival 2006, Kristiansand, Norway. Concert, Phonophani vs. Watz.

July 18: Emoção Art.ficial 3.0 exhibition, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Jun -July: Artist-in-residence, Medienturm Graz / Museumsquartier Wien.

Jun 1-2: C.stem. Generative art exhibition, Turin.

May 26: AMODA Digital Showcase, Austin Museum of Digital Art, Austin.

May 10-14: Neon Organic and ElectroPlastique #2 at Paysages Electroniques, electronic music festival, Lille.

May 8-12: OFFF, Barcelona, EXTEND: Advanced Processing Workshop, lecture and System_C in the exhibition.

Apr.19-29: Generator.x concert tour, Norway. With Frank Bretschneider, Lia, Emi Maeda and Phonophani.

Mar.2-12: New projection visuals at the Sage Gateshead for the AV.06 festival, Newcastle, Englad.

Mar.2-12: System_C (4 drawings) in the Animated Drawings exhibition, MIMA, Middlesbrough, England

Jan.14-Feb.5: Generator.x exhibition on tour in Stavanger.


Oct.25-Nov.4: Neon Organic in href=proce55ing at MediaRuimte, Brussels, Belgium. The exhibition is part of the Cimatics_05 festival, Brussels, Belgium. Artist brunch Oct 31.

Oct.14-Nov.16: Neon Organic and System_C at Estrategias Generativos, Circulo Bellas Artes, Tenerife, Spain

Oct.5: Lecture at Hybrid Practices symposium, KHiB, Bergen, Norway (Curator)

Sep.23-24: Generator.x conference on generative art and design, Atelier Nord, Oslo, Norway (Director)

Sep.17:  Lecture at "Vers un alter design?" symposium, part of the D.Day exhibition at Centre Pompidou, Paris

Aug.27:  Neon Organic, new multi-screen projection for Vattenfall building in Berlin

Aug.18-Oct: AmoebaAbstracts 1-3 as part of Abstraction Now shown at White Noise, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne, Australia

Jun.3-5:  ElectroPlastique and live visuals at Territoires Electroniques, Aix-en-Provence.

May.27 - Jun.5:  GasWorks 1-3 at Generative-x, a part of the onedotzero9 at ICA in London.

May.10: The DVD compilation "Essays on Radio: Can I have two minutes of your time?" released on Cronica Electronica, including my video for "int.14/37" by @c.

Mar.25 - Apr.17:  GasWorks 1-3 showing at Today in Paradise exhibition at Röda Sten in Göteborg.

Feb.19 - Apr.17:  System_C at Göteborg Konstmuseum as part of Electrohype / Segment.

Feb.8:  System_C at Club Transmediale, Berlin

Feb.7-21:  Universal Digest Machine at the exhibition Mitt Språk, Stavanger

Feb.4:  Visuals (TinyLittleElements vs. Watz) at Club Transmediale, Berlin


Nov.27-Jan 23:  System_C atElectrohype Biennial, Malmö

Nov.15-19:  Processing workshop at KHiB, Bergen.

Nov.04:  System_A and visual performance with the percussion group SISU at Accenture Innovation Fair

Oct.25:  Presentation at Dorkbot Belgium at Recyclart, Brussels, kicking off the Cimatics festival.

Oct.11-15:  Processing workshop in Lisbon, Portugal. Organised by Atmosferas.

Sep 16-Oct 31:  DIGITAL MOVE 2 in Berlin, at the Sony Center in Potsdamer Platz.

Sep.20-24:  Processing workshop at Aalborg University, Copenhagen.

Aug.24-25:  Processing workshop at Oslo School of Architecture.

August:  Jury for the Live Visuals Award, Berlin.

June.16-20:  AmoebaAbstracts 1-3 in Sonar exhibition, Barcelona. Presentation at Elisava School of Design.

May.20:  Launch of GasWorks 1-3 online at Atmosferas.net, Portugal.

May.12-15:  Magdalena Festival in Maribor, Slovenia. Processing workshop and presentation.

May.05-09:  RAM 5 Open Source Media Architecture workshop in Riga

Apr.03:  Wibutee and Voss Open visual improv session at Vossajazz

Mar.20: "Squeaky Happy Slogan Machine", part of Manyfacture, Living Art Museum, Reykjavik

Feb.24:  DREIx3x2x2D at First Flush, Wien

Jan.13:  Processing workshop at HyperWerk, Basel


Dec.15: New project at nonTVTVstation, Stockholm

Nov.1 -Dec.23:  Visiting artist at Splintermind, Stockholm

Nov.21: Wibutee at Blå, Oslo

Nov.20: Wibutee at Rust, Volda

Nov.8: Wibutee at TOU Scene, Stavanger

Nov.7: Wibutee at Blæst, Trondheim

Oct.30: Wibutee at Tampere Jazz Happening

Oct.20: Computational Design workshop at Universität der Künste, Berlin

Sep.12: Wibutee at Jazz à la Villette, Paris

Sep.09: Principles of Indeterminism, VJ performance at Ars Electronica 2003, Linz

Aug.29: AmoebaAbstracts 1-3 at Abstraction Now, Künstlerhaus, Wien

Jun.1 :Drawing machine 1-12, art for public digital space